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About NonAcris

NONACRIS is derived from two Ancient Greek words; NON, which translates to NINE and ACRIS, meaning HEIGHTS. NONACRIS itself was a mythical place in the region of Arcadia, a range of nine snowy mountain peaks where the Nine Heliconian Muses presided.

Bearing the namesake of the Muses’ citadel, NONACRIS as a company is compelled to produce inspiring designs drawn from both wells of the past and the present. Founded in 2003, NONACRIS has so far grown from strength to strength with new designs, production techniques and an ever expanding range of products. Our products are meticulously handmade to high standards of quality, ensuring that each and every one of them is unique.

We have also experimented with techniques which now allow us to produce frames finished in a coating process which is at least 70% water-based. Thanks to this more environmentally-friendly concept, we are doing our part to conserve our planet, as well as providing a healthier working place for our employees.


From time to time we'd love to hear from you. Please send your feedbacks and inquiries to Trimorphos